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  • A Leg Workout with little or no weights.

    No weights, No Problem!!
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  • 5 Ways to reduce calories without trying.

    We all want to reduce our Calories, but no one likes to restrict their foods, try starting with these hints to change what you eat, without the pain of dieting!
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  • The First Challenge Winner - Coach John Delinac

    Check out Master Coach and the first MAX'S Challenge winner, John Delinac's 5 tips to not only Challenge success but to training and fitness success.
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  • The September 2018 Challenge Journey

    What do you have to do during your Challenge,,,
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  • 5 Tips for Training around injuries

    Do you have persistent pain in the lower back?

    Try doing some home care methods to relieve the pain so you won't have to ignore your crying baby for too long.
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  • 6 Exercises you can do on the Couch.

    Do you need to get up off the Couch but don’t really want to go far?
    Are you in the middle of your favourite TV show?
    This may be the work out for you!
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  • The 15 Minute Stair workout you can do at Lunchtime

    Do you sit down all morning at work? Have no exercise equipment at home? Do you have 15 Minutes and a flight of stairs?
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  • 12 Minute HIIT Work Out

    Time Poor, try this workout.
    No equipment needed and in 15 Minutes you will done!!
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  • Kitchen Essentials

    7 pieces of kitchen equipment we definitely think you should add to your kitchen!
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  • Understanding Tofu

    Tofu has been something I had never really cared for throughout my journey – However, I've been playing around with it and I can't believe the greatness I've been missing out on.
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  • The leggings 411

    I think all of us can agree that a good pair of workout tights can do wonders for our performance and self confidence in the gym.
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  • Jade Caddy - Maxine's Grand Champion August 2015

    Read how Jade lost 9kg and changed her life!
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  • The 30 minute Fit Ball Workout

    Do you have a fit ball sitting at home or in the corner of your Gym?
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  • Berry Cheesecake Protein Yoghurt

    Who doesn't love a good cheesecake?
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  • Viv’s Delicious Protein Balls

    Team Maxine's Ambassador Vivien Florence has made this Delicious recipe for everyone to enjoy!
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  • Workouts for busy women

    This three part post tells it like it is. These days time is something we just can't seem to find enough of.
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  • Hashtag Vegan Problems

    Actually saying, "Hashtag" before some sort of phrase usually makes me cringe but for this scenario I believe it's pretty appropriate.
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  • Snickers Overnight Oats with Mixed Berries

    Who loves a good snickers bar?? Who wants to eat it for breakfast???
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