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What is the Challenge? / How does it work?

Find out what makes this Australia's ultimate 12 week body transformation challenge

The Maxine’s Challenge is a 12 week on-line body transformation program that has helped thousands of people from around the country get in the best shape of their lives. If you’ve tried numerous ways to lose weight and get in shape without success - then the Maxine’s Challenge is exactly what you need to get results!


The Challenge Support Crew is made up of a team of qualified training and nutrition Coaches, as well as Ambassadors who have walked the walk and successfully completed the Challenge. Through the online Forum, Challengers are able to ask questions on anything throughout the Challenge, and receive guidance and advice from the coaches, ambassadors and even fellow challengers’ experiences. It is also a platform to post motivation, tips, mini-challenges and comments on anything throughout the Challenge, where challengers can take inspiration and encouragement from each other. The Forum is public to all participating Challengers so that everyone can benefit from the information provided, and is a great way to connect with other Challengers who may be experiencing similar struggles or issues.


The Challenge Training Plans incorporates both weight and cardio training, which progressively change over each 4 week phase to keep your body working and changing. The Challenge tries to cater to all types of people, and offers both Gym and Home training options using some basic equipment. It also educates Challengers in the basics and principles of training to help understand the programs and have the tools to continue to develop their training after the Challenge has finished.


The Challenge Nutrition Plans are formulated to achieve great results. With the entire weeks meals set out and a shopping list to take out the guess work, they are easy to follow and have plenty of good quality nutrition food to ensure you won’t go hungry. Challengers are educated on the principals of healthy eating, and provided with the tools and knowledge to help them continue to make ongoing healthy choices towards their goals. There is also a great range of recipes to provide variation to meals, many of which are provided by the Coaches so Challengers can learn from the best!

Motivation & Mindset

A large and important part of a successful physical transformation is mindset. With the help of Mind Coach Craig Harper, there are a number of articles, podcasts and videos on a variety of topics to help keep Challengers motivated and on track. These vary from issues that Challengers may be struggling with at certain times, to tips and tricks on how to get the most out of training and nutrition. These inspiring, motivational, informative and educational information is designed to help get Challengers’ head and heart where they need to be to make the physical transformation a healthy, productive and permanent process.


The Challenge offers an extensive array of prizes. Each Grand Champion will win a luxurious Australian holiday for 2 people. Second and Third placed winners each receive $1000 and $500 VISA gift cards vouchers respectively, and all Top 10 finalists will receive an extensive product prize pack. In addition they will have the opportunity to join the Challenge Team as an Ambassador for the next Challenge, and be featured in MAX’S and Maxine’s marketing campaigns and activities.

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